New Brisbane Plaza Premium Lounge Review, Now Accepts Priority Pass

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Brisbane’s new Plaza Premium Lounge now accepts Priority Pass.

Brisbane Plaza Premium Lounge 01 Brisbane Plaza Premium Lounge 02

In July it had just opened and was still in the process of getting set up for Priority Pass. I was allowed in with my Citi Prestige, I think, or maybe my Amex Platinum. Sorry, it was a pre-dawn Nauru Airlines departures and my head was in a fog.

Non-airline lounges are rare in Australia. Priority Pass only has locations in Cairns, and now Brisbane, both in international terminals only. (I am still trying to understand why Australians build domestic and international terminals miles apart…yes, Melbourne is excepted.)

Brisbane’s international terminal is experiencing a lounge renaissance with this lounge as well as new Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines lounges all opening in the past few months. The Air New Zealand lounge has excellent vibe and solid food. The old Singapore lounge was cramped with superb food topped off with a Tim Tam basket. See my review of both here.

I have not been in the new Singapore lounge, here are photos from Australian Business Traveller. Qantas and Emirates also have lounges in the terminal. Virgin Australia uses Air New Zealand.

I was first in the door that morning on my short Brisbane Plaza Premium Lounge visit. The lounge hosts the Chinese airlines and provides both Western and Chinese breakfast options. They had signs up for lunch Chinese noodle and Italian pasta options.

Brisbane Plaza Premium Lounge 03 Brisbane Plaza Premium Lounge 04

You are at the wrong blog for lavish lounge reviews of dozens of pictures. ‘Hey, you showed us the ketchup, what about the mustard?’ Lucky to get any condiments here.

My quick take:

  • Competent, friendly staff at reception and buffet
  • Seating varied and comfortable, with real tables available
  • Wide selection of newspaper and magazines
  • Wifi worked
  • Flight information monitors worked
  • Showers available
  • Breakfast options good
  • Real size tableware and cutlery – yay!

This last point is a pet peeve of mine at lounges and hotels. Give us proper size bowls! How many times have I turned the cereal dispenser knob to dump an overflowing load into a tiny bowl, then spill milk on myself as I try to carry it to my seat.

Brisbane Plaza Premium Lounge 05

Overall a solid lounge that ticks off all the necessities and has a good spread.

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6 years ago

this review is really..may I just say…very RTC style