Nevis – Is An Hour Enough?

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I had a few hours free in St Kitts and decided to hop on the Sea Hustler to Nevis.

Nevis 01

Nevis 02

In this series:

The schedule was not ideal for a visit, with one of the ferries in for repairs. I would have an hour on the ground, arriving at 4 pm just when the Alexander Hamilton Birthplace would close as well as the other, minor sites.

Nevis 03

I had a fast walk around pleasant Charlestown, the Bath Hotel & Spring House, with claims to be the oldest hotel in the Caribbean, now a government office, and the Horatio Nelson Museum up the road, also closed for the day.

Nevis 04

Nevis 05

Nevis 06

I swung back through past Gallows Bay and just caught the last ferry of the day.

Nevis 07

Nevis has much of St Kitts’ plantation-era old house appeal as well as some posh resorts, minus the cruise ships. Worth more than an hour. I wish I had two 😉

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[…] Nevis – Is An Hour Enough? […]


[…] Nevis – Is An Hour Enough? […]


[…] Nevis – Is An Hour Enough? […]