My new corporate card earns no points – shazbot!

Envelope opened.

Card withdrawn.

Telephone dialed.

Card activated.

City Thank You Points webpage consulted.

Telephone dialed.

“I am sorry, your employer does not participate in Thank You Points. If you want it, make sure to let them know.”

Oh crap.

Should have found a way to work that into the interviews.

Darkness descends.

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Why corporations don’t try and negotiate for better point perks is a mystery to me

Michael W Travels

Ouch- sounds like you will need to be a little more creative to make up for your loss!

Million Mile Secrets

Does your employer actually require you to use the corporate card for travel?

Most employers say that you have to use the corporate card (or make you sign up for it), but don’t mind if you don’t use it.

Some will set the compliance and audit staff on you if you don’t.

Also, if this is a new job you do have a grace period to plead that you didn’t know any better!

Rapid Travel Chai

@Million MIle Secrets – “A written explanation must be provided if the XYZ Designated Corporate Card is not utilized for any particular expense where a card is accepted.”

And too bad it is Visa, could more plausibly say the vendor did not take AmEx.

My old employer went from Diner’s Club back when they had annoying transfer fees, to a Chase card, with a half-ass version of Ultimate Reward (more like 10%-ass, it was really flaccid), and employees could participate if they paid the membership fee.

No luck here.


That sucks. I can at least choose to add MR points to my Corp AmEx for a $75 annual fee paid out of my pocket.


Ditto to David’s comment


“Shazbot”..Nice Mork and Mindy reference.

LIH Prem

Got the same problem with my Corp Amex. Required to use it for all business expenses, employer blocks addition of MR program.



card accidentally falls in to shredder … can’t be trusted with corporate card. 🙂