My little LAN cable saves the hotel day again

Lately I had been eying my little LAN cable for removal from my travel kit. I try to weed out anything I am not using, and I had not touched it in some time.

For the second time in a few weeks, though, this trusty cable earned its place in my bag. Today it is the Radisson Blu Conference & Airport Hotel, Istanbul, a dumpy hotel with the kind of plumbing that the drains must be covered when not in use.

The hotel’s free wi-fi barely touches my room, way down the hall from the router. I could barely log in.

Radisson Blu IST Wifi

Fortunately, the room has a LAN outlet. I connected to blazing fast internet with my cable. If I did not have my cable I would have tried the front desk, but that is unreliable.

Radisson Blu IST LAN

Even some airport club lounges still have LAN jacks tucked in odd places, look for those that have not remodeled to remove desks. Atlanta’s Terminal T Delta Sky Club has one of my favorite hidden LAN outlets.

The LAN cable keeps its place in my kit.

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I always carry my wifi hotspot travel router which includes a ribbon LAN cable. I always try to connect to the hotels LAN port. It’s always faster than their router since it supports wifi N band. I can also share it with my iPhone or iPad or notebook Wirelessly. It’s only one half the size of a cigarette pack.


If you include apple airport express as well, you can create your own wifi in the room!


You could also spend just $24 and use this instead to create your own wifi.

Eager Traveler

I have just started carrying my airport express… really helped at 2 Sheraton properties in Hawaii earlier in the month for the 2 of us traveling!

Rapid Travel Chai

@John, @Lee, @Julian – thanks for the great suggestions, I need to try these. A minor confession: I have never bought an Apple product.


Stefan! Come on! 😉


will be interesting to see your hilton options, I still don’t see a better one as fuel surcharges kill V and I’ve no plans for hawaii