My Week in Points February 17-23: glad I didn’t convert 1:2 to Hilton

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Approaching 2 am in Istanbul, back from a day trip to Cyprus that involved 2 flights, 4 trips through immigration, 400 or so km driven between 2 rental cars and 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Back to the hotel at midnight to find emails  parents waiting for a flight booking and wife to review a document, ah, the price of Rapid Travel.


  • Last week I said I have not gotten any ‘Diamond Moments.’ On Friday my EWR-AMS was pretty full in coach, not overbooked, but the gate agent moved me up to half-empty business class. “We look after our special customers.” Sweet. No luck on KLM’s AMS-IST, not that there should be and the business class had the same seats as economy, heck, I was in such a good mood to be on the road that I agreed to take a middle seat so two women could be together, I should have realized they would chat noisily the whole time.


  • The upcoming big devaluation to their awards is old news. I am glad I never moved the miles from my Hawaiian Airlines and Virgin Atlantic credit cards to Hilton. I have never felt like moving airline to hotel is good value for me. Now I need to up my efforts to figure out how to use those miles. Intra-Asia Korean Air awards from Hawaiian look interesting.

Miles and Points:

  • Listen to the discussion on miles and points at the end of Points Hoarder Episode 20. The 3 hosts approach this hobby primarily out of love of flying and. For me it is love of visiting new countries, so much so that prior to my trip this week I was so focused on trip planning that I have not done or read anything miles and points. For others, game the system is the fun and the payoff. Stephan in particular starts asking some philosophical questions that are normally unspoken, but fascinate me. I will enjoy if they take up these issues even more strongly, lots of interesting debate is possible.
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Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@hello – I don’t have the answer yet, still trying!

9 years ago

I also have lots of virg Atlantic miles from a BofA AMEX, just what can I do with them? None of the options look good, any advise?

Kay @ Travel Bug Diary blog

I really like that Pointshoarder discussion. I’m one those people more interested in travel than in the luxury. But I find the points addictive. I have more miles than I can spend, yet I can’t resist apply for new cards. I stray from my churning strategy whenever I see a shiny new sign-on bonus, and then get stressed out about the minimum spend. I see parallels between my behavior and gambling addicts. My dopamine receptors love seeing points! I don’t think I’m the only one who is slightly addicted to the points for their own sake.