Morning Chai: Gwen Ifill

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Let’s take a moment to mark the passing of Washington journalist Gwen Ifill.

She hosted both Washington Week and PBS News Hour.

Washington Week will air a tribute to Ms. Ifill tonight, November 18.

News Hour’s tribute can be viewed here:

The final Washington Week show she moderated was Trump’s comments about women caught on tape as candidates prepare for second debate.

Ms. Ifill’s journalism was a civilized, graceful, determined push for insight. Around her at the Washington Week table she assembled quality journalists in useful, balanced discussions of the week’s political developments.

With the internet and social media fanning partisan and fake news that is having unforeseen and complicated affects on the world, Ms. Ifill’s voice was a touchstone we need.

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6 years ago

Its true she was a ground breaker. But a closer examination makes one wonder her culpability in the media bias mess we are in. You know, the one that helped get Sanders chances snuffed out and Trump elected? Remember when she tweeted “Take that, Bibi” after the Iran nuke deal? Or her defense of David Chalian “#IStandwithDavid” when he said Republicans were happy to have a party while black people were drowning? And when you stick your foot in your mouth and get outsmarted by, of all people, Sarah Palin, good God maybe it’s time to shut down your Twitter… Read more »