I’ve Got Best Western Diamond Select Status (Take That, Hyatt Fanboys!), You Can, Too!

Not content with mere Hyatt Diamond, I am now a Best Western Diamond Select.


The published benefits include a 50% bonus points per stay.

Where Best Western really shines is the unpublished benefits. Diamond Select get executive lounge access at all Best Westerns worldwide*.

You have a shot at joining me in this envied status.

As I wrote last week, first do a Best Western status match. Many programs match to Best Western Diamond. You can see reports on Status Matcher. The status match is usually processed in a few hours.

Second, you have today 11/18 and next Friday, 11/25 to spin for an instant prize in Best Western’s 70th anniversary Smilebration. short take is each Friday in November you can have a spin at an instant prize, enter here.

My 11/11 yielded a status tier upgrade. I was not matched to Diamond until a few hours later. That was not an issue: on Thursday I was bumped up to Diamond Select.

Today I won another status tier upgrade, so I expect to head to unpublished super status next week.

My wife has twice won a supposedly better prize, 700 points. Next week is her last spin to join me.

Why pursue Best Western Diamond Select? You never know who will match it. I may need another Hilton Diamond boost next year.

*I confess, that bit about lounges is a little joke. Not too many with executive lounges, I reckon. There are some 5-star Best Westerns, maybe they do have some executive lounges.

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9 Comments on "I’ve Got Best Western Diamond Select Status (Take That, Hyatt Fanboys!), You Can, Too!"

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I’ve only very rarely stayed at a Best Western, but always had a pleasant experience. I have fairly low expectations at a BW, but they’ve always been exceeded.

dee seiffer

I got upgraded to Diamond last week. I think you post is amusing, Stefan. I’ll never pass up status. As you said, you never know when you can use it to status match somewhere else.


what are the other unpublished benefits?

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

That was a little joke, I don’t picture any Best Westerns having executive lounges, though maybe some of those 5-star ones, do. I I have only stayed with them a few times, most recently in Benin. I have no idea if there are any unpublished benefits.


terrible joke. i hope you vanish from the earth today


Thanks for the post! I won the $70 travel card prize. I plan to use it at the BWP near the BKK airport during an upcoming trip.

Michael Belisle

I just got Membership Tier Upgrade. I am Diamond now. I guess that means i will be Diamond Select

Christine Krzyszton

I got the Tier Upgrade too. We are fellow Diamond Selects.


Tier upgrade is the bioggest prize bucket. Got one last week, and today again. Was really hoping for that 70K points bucket, there are some BW like the one on Capri I’d like to return to.