Maddening AA Partner Awards, Fairfield Inn in Nepal, Women in the Infantry

On my mind: head in the sand and water rising.





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… not to pick nits, but the times article on women in infantry has nothing to do with the 1st ID ( your headline of “Women in the Big Red One” )

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

A nit very much worthy to pick. I have corrected it. How the mind plays tricks, I kept reading infantry 1st and my mind said 1st infantry. Some pieces I feature are ones I am marking for later reading myself so have not yet gone through them in detail.

That student was simply pathetic and a laughter. Most chinese despise and condemn her not because they are “so afraid of” the truth of pollution being brought up, but because the woman was such a hypocrite that she deliberately exaggerated and then twisted the truth in order to reinforce and cater to the typical western bias and bigotry. Com’on Stefan, I thought you have a better understanding of China given that you’d lived there and have a Chinese wife. Have you not been to Kunming Yunnan (where that woman had lived all her life before coming to the US)? Although… Read more »
Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
I don’t post links because I agree with them, I post them because they are of note, of intellectual interest, or of practical use. If I had unlimited time I would write in context to each. Failing that I present them uncommented for readers to explore on their own. This opinion piece is where I learned of this matter, I confess I have not been paying deep attention to Chinese news lately, so I linked to it. I have not yet had a chance to listen to the speech, though from the summary I did expect a number of reactions… Read more »

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