Morning Chai: India Out of the Closet, New York’s Flop, Camp David’s Vacancy

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On my mind: I got all ready for a productive day and my computer melted down. Windows 10 is a big improvement, after a fruitless hour of troubleshooting I decided it was time to a a system reset. The process was smooth, all the files were correctly saved, and most programs were able to restore settings once reinstalled. The process took just over 5 hours to be fully back in action, much less than in prior times. I suppose Apple users will say their process takes 10 minutes. Well, the most time consuming was restoring iTunes 11.4 and my extensive podcast subscriptions since I forgot to separately back up the iTunes library file. Why version 11.4? That next version made a hash of podcasts. I downgraded and have not updated in several years.





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