Marriott sells ExecuStay, occupants still earn points

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ExecuStay is familiar to many veterans of corporate relocations. The Rapid Traveler once spent a month in one in Miami, happy to earn Marriott Rewards points, though the total haul seemed paltry. He was young and naive and under HR’s thumb.

Marriott is selling ExecuStay to Oakwood Worldwide, the key section of the press release for point collectors (bold emphasis added):

As part of the transaction Oakwood will maintain ExecuStay as a separate brand offering. The parties also signed an eight-year reciprocal preferred provider agreement under which Marriott International will become the preferred hotel provider for Oakwood corporate housing and serviced apartment customers who need a hotel stay, and Marriott will recognize Oakwood as the preferred provider of corporate housing and serviced apartments to Marriott customers. As part of the preferred provider agreement, ExecuStay customers will also continue to earn Marriott Rewards guest loyalty program points for stays at ExecuStay apartments.

So, no need to go to battle against HR on this aspect for upcoming relocations. Good thing, because seemingly every relocation is soured by some HR functionary trying to shave costs in the smallest yet most infuriating way.

Travel Weekly has a quick summary of the deal.

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