Marriott Fall Bonus Not Very Mega, Register Anyway

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Marriott MegaBonus Fall 2016 is live, you can register here. The name MegaBonus should be retired. Long gone are the days when every 2 stays netted a category 1-4 night certificate.

Marriott MegaBonus Fall 2016

The new promo has two options:

  • Option 1: Earn 10,000 bonus points for every 10 nights, up to 50,000 bonus points
  • Option 2: Earn 5,000 bonus points after the second stay (max 5,000 bonus points)

Register by December 15, 2016, earn by January 15, 2017. Looks like all Marriott brands including Ritz-Carlton participate.

Unless you are a regional salesperson trapped in Marriott road warrior groundhog day you’ll probably want Option 2. And then don’t go out of your way to make the stays. Category 1 hotel awards are 7,500 points.

Mile earners: this promotion is only valid if you select on your profile to earn Marriott points; there is no offer for mile earners.

Not targeted: recent MegaBonus had different targeted offers per member, this time it is one for all.

Corporate travelers: the good news is that, unlike some other hotel promotions, there is no requirement to book direct with Marriott.

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