Maine Lobster Festival

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Lobster brought us to Maine. My job was to locate and shuttle my wife and mother-in-law around Maine lobster shacks capped by a stop at the Maine Lobster Festival, held the first weekend in August in Rockland.

Maine Lobster Festival 01

Maine Lobster Festival 02

The festival is essentially the typical small town summer festival with music, midway, shopping, unhealthy food, etc. Then a ton of lobster is tossed on top in a huge food tent. There are seafood-themed activities such as a lobster crate race over the water and exhibitions at the Marine Tent, of which we would have enjoyed even more. When we visited on the Saturday afternoon we did not time it well with big activities with the parade, so we mainly enjoyed the food and strolled a bit.

Maine Lobster Festival 05

Maine Lobster Festival 03

Maine Lobster Festival 04

Maine Lobster Festival 06

Hotels in the area are limited so we stopped en route from Acadia National Park to Portland, ME. Rockland and surrounds is tremendously scenic with many lobster shacks and scenic spots along the water.

A fun slice of Americana, Maine-style.

Maine Lobster Festival 08

Maine Lobster Festival 07

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8 years ago

Thanks for the info. Still looking forward to Portland. I’m sure there are no shortage of good places to eat.


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8 years ago

I recently googled “Maine lobster season” and found it lasted thru November. I booked a short weekend excursion from Philly to Portland for the first weekend of November only to find out after booking flights that almost all the lobster shacks are closed by October. Any suggestions on where to get good lobster in early November?