Mailbag: Michelin-Star Chinese, Cradle of Humankind, and Captain Seaweed

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Shawn from Miles to Memories asked about a Chinese restaurant in New York for his wife’s birthday request.

I did the only thing sensible. I turned to my wife and asked for her pick: Michelin-star spicey Sichuan food in an elegant setting at Café China on 37 St.


Caroline Lupini tweeted me if I have visited the UNESCO-listed Cradle of Humankind, outside Johannesburg, South Africa. She has heard mixed things.

Greater Johannesburg has some fantastic offerings. Soweto tours are important. Pretoria is ravishing. I have not yet made it to the Apartheid Museum which is next highest on my list.

Geographic spread requires planning and trade-offs. I have not yet found the time to get up to Cradle of Humankind. Archaeological sites can be interesting, or they can be holes in the ground. The difference is usually the context you bring to the visit. Listen to this Guardian Science Weekly episode, New species of human relative discovered, for 2015 discoveries and interviews of the scientists involved:

The discovery consists of more than 1,500 numbered fossil elements from at least 15 individuals of the same species, laying in a chamber 90 metres from the cave entrance, accessible only by a very narrow chute. It becomes the best-known fossil member of our lineage – a hugely significant find.


Dear Stefan, when are we leaving for Young’s Lobster Pound? Captain Seaweed is expecting us.

Shutting down the computer honey, let’s go!

Youngs Lobster Pound Captain Seaweed

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