Mailbag: Canaries, Antarctica’s Norwegian Route, and Meetups

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David asks: Rangoon, Tehran, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles, Muscat, Canaries, any of these you consider to be not worth it?

First three all great.

Maldives I found Male worth a walk around for a day, didn’t go to the resorts.

Seychelles have not been, won’t until I get a way to Outer Seychelles for TCC purposes that I can afford. Not really my thing, I like Madagascar or Zanzibar much better (and Mauritius and Reunion much less, with Comoros and Mayotte somewhere in the middle).

Many love Muscat, easy and comfortable Gulf without being in a Dubai-like amusement park. Collectively the GCC countries my least favorite part of the world for travel so wrong person to ask.

Canaries pleasantly surprised me. On the main island, Las Palmas, if you stay in a guesthouse in the mountain towns of the center of the island you’ll have a great time rather than the generic resorts on the coast. I stayed at Hotel Rural El Refugio in Tejada, how about this sunset?


Victor asks: Have you been to the Amazon or Antarctica?

Two regions I have not visited.

Been to many parts of Brazil, have not Amazon.

Antarctica I have held off due to time and money constraints. There are all manner of trips, some only visit islands without a true landing. Prices are around $5,000 to sky is the limit. If I had the money this is the trip I would take, landing in the Norwegian claim (which arguably does not extend to the center), up to the South Pole.

My focus is I’ve got 7 UN left, 5 I can visit when I want (Monaco, Italy, San Marino, Turkey and Seychelles) while 2 I am hoping for good news for their long-suffering populations and a way in (Syria and Yemen).

Daniel adds: P.S.  If you ever host another get together, I would probably try to fly out for it.

I currently run regular meetups called Reach for the Miles in New York and a new branch in New Jersey. Sign-up for New York here. Sign up for New Jersey here. Each meets roughly every 6 weeks and we try to cycle days of week between Mon-Thu. Next New York is tomorrow, November 14. Next New Jersey will be mid-December, probably in Hoboken.

Occasionally I hold meetups on my travels. Brisbane, Australia is in the works later this month.

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5 years ago

Stefan. Met you in Chicago. I live in hoboken. Will see you tomorrow. Tim