Lufthansa’s ‘Bangalore Express’

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Instead of the tech industry networking Businessweek once reported there were Indian families sleeping, perhaps because of it being August and businesspeople on holiday. And the new 747-8 business class seat is a decade behind the times.

However the food on Lufthansa’s ‘Bangalore Express’ is very Indian and tasty. Each meal service only had one non-Indian option. Lots of ‘veg’ meals and some ‘non-veg.’ The mutton breakfast was a close call as only a few had been catered. A colleague reported seeing Lufthansa advertising in Bangalore specifically touting the benefit of Indian meals on the way to Germany. The German businessman next to me on the way back to Germany clearly had had enough and clung to the token non-Indian meals. Meanwhile my belly was bulging from extra parathas.

Each flight had two meal services, I forgot to take a picture of one. Not my usual habit to turn my flight into a photo studio.

Lufthansa Indian Meal 01

Lufthansa Indian Meal 02

Lufthansa Indian Meal 03

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Ryan h
Ryan h
7 years ago

Your opening paragraph makes no sense