LaGuardia the 7th ‘Best Airport for Avoiding Flight Delays’?!?

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Travel + Leisure’s Air Travel Trends Report, citing Department of Transportation Statistics, claims New York’s LaGuardia (LGA) as the 7th of ‘America’s Best Airports for Avoiding Flight Delays‘. And New York JFK does not ever appear on the ‘Worst‘ list, though Newark (EWR) is 1st.

I do not know the details of these statistics, but I know NYC airports and the obesely padded flight schedules which presumably help airlines game the numbers. I have never sat down to book a flight and thought, “Hmmm…I really hope I am not going to be delayed, good thing I am flying out of LaGuardia.”

When statistics like this are published, always apply a common sense filter.

Interestingly, the WSJ’s The Middle Seat reports that Delta is going all-in on NYC, supplementing JFK and a minimal EWR presence with a push to turn LGA into a domestic hub, and that Delta’s operations there are performing well. Still, I won’t be booking any tight connections.

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10 years ago

I call bs. LGA is a disaster.

10 years ago

I almost read the headline as the 7th best airport to avoid, which you would think would be the case!