Port-au-Prince clears the rubble from its heart, Champs de Mars

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The monumental center of Port-au-Prince, Champs de Mars is tent city no longer, the monuments once again presiding over morning football games and strolling couples. The Palais National, symbol of corruption and heartbreak, is being stripped to the ground, to be erased as Carthage.

Haiti Weekend 035

Palais National

Haiti Weekend 032

Champs de Mars

Haiti Weekend 033

Jean-Jacques Dessalines monument

Haiti Weekend 034

Alexandre Pétion monument

Haiti Weekend 036

Marron Inconnu, Statue of the Unknown Slave

Haiti Weekend 037

Monument for Haiti's bicentenary

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Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@Miriam Nadel – it was wonderful to see so many people such as yourself doing great work, I felt guilty as a just a tourist. I hear Jacmel was particularly hard hit, I hope it soon returns to being a premier Carnival destination.

Miriam Nadel
9 years ago

It was interesting and enlightening. What struck me most was the energy and spirit of the people, despite the conditions so many are still living in.

For Port au Prince specifically, I’d say the highlight was Croix des Bouquet, a district of ironworkers who do amazing art. But most of my time in Port au Prince was doing volunteer work and visiting development projects. We also went to Jacmel, where we had a mixture of volunteer work and beach time.

Miriam Nadel
9 years ago

My recollection from my March trip was that the area by the waterfront had been cleared, but downtown still had plenty of rubble and squalor. Did you get to the Iron Market (which HAD been rebuilt when I was there) and is worth a look?

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  Miriam Nadel

@Miriam Nadel – I only had a morning in Port-au-Prince and did not make it there, but did get to the Grand Cemetery, which was excellent and will post about that next. How was your trip?