JFK’s planned 108,000 sq ft animal terminal

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Thinking of a light feel-good story for Thanksgiving I recalled the news of the plan to build a 108,000 square foot animal terminal at JFK.

Canada CBC’s As It Happens from Oct 26 has a segment on it (listen here, click ‘listen’ and on the pop-up click for part 2 and slide to 11:54).

The WSJ reported:

The vision is grand: a menagerie in Queens for mandatory quarantine periods, an indoor exercise space and a hospital where prized animals can arrive off the tarmac, undergo specialized surgery and fly home without leaving airport grounds. “Tiger, elephant, giraffe, anything,” Mr. Cuticelli said.

This all begs the question, can people use this terminal instead of the human passenger options?


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10 years ago

Sounds like they’re rivaling the Lufthansa Cargo animal terminal.

10 years ago

JFK really needs to improve their human terminals before building this monstrosity