Irrepressible romantic returning home from the Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar

Travel + Leisure allowed this blogger to masquerade as press this afternoon for the trade and press preview of the Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar. I had seen an email from American Express about the event and was loathe to pay the $75 daytime/$125 evening ticket price. Free worked much better.

The experience provided good camera fodder. I felt guilty with some surprisingly tasty snacks and wife sitting at her office wrapping up a week.

What to do?

Ah, yes, roses!

From the Indian spice booth.

Travel Leisure Global Bazaar (49)

Roses to go

I am pretty sure they add up to a dozen.

Throw in a Michelle Bernstein Peanut Butter Moon Pie sponsored by Delta and I was golden.

At home I presented them with great ceremony.

She started to smile and laugh, then thought of the precedent it would set and turned fierce, “That is not funny!”

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