Beachside Intercontinental Doha Private Residence Now Open, 35k Points/Night for Apartment Living

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The beachside Intercontinental Doha Private Residence is now open. It goes for 35,000 IHG points/night.


Image from Intercontinental Doha Residences

Room details are scarce. If they follow Asiana Reside Saigon Residences, where I have stayed, the rooms should be apartment-style with kitchen and laundry.

The property connects to the Intercontinental Doha, which is also 35,000 points/night.

If you are paying to stay, and rates are considerably higher than the regular Intercontinental, know that this joins the Dubai and Saigon residences in only earning 2.5 points/dollar rather than the 10 points/dollar for regular Intercontinentals.

This looks like a nice blend of resort and apartment feel. If rooms have laundry that is a delight in a climate such as Qatar’s. If I went to Qatar for a leisurely stay (I won’t), this is a candidate.

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