Iberia Avios 25% Off Award Sale – BA, Amex Transfer Partner

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Spanish airline Iberia is running a 25% off award sale to celebrate 25 years of Iberia Plus.

If you pay to fly Iberia, you can also earn 25% more Avios.

Iberia 25 Off Award Sale

You may not have used Iberia or realize you have their points at the ready.

Iberia shares the Avios program with British Airways. You can instantly transfer Avios between BA, Iberia and Aer Lingus by registering an Avios.com account (tip: you get better Avios.com functionality and options by registering with a UK address).

PAY ATTENTION: as Tiffany reminded me to include, both BA and Iberia accounts need to be open 90 days and have activity before you can transfer. If you haven’t already got them prepped, you won’t be able to use this method.

Key Ways to get Iberia Avios:

  • Transfer from BA or Aer Lingus using Avios.com
  • Transfer from Chase Ultimate Rewards to BA at 1:1, and then onward transfer to Iberia
  • Trasnfer from SPG to BA at 1:1 (plus 5,000 mile bonus for every 20,000 SPG points), and then onward transfer to Iberia
  • Transfer from American Express Membership Rewards directly to Iberia at the rate of 250 points -> 200 Avios.

Iberia 25% Off Award Sale:

Key terms:

  • The award sale applies only to Iberia flights, not partner flights
  • You must book the award by April 11, 2017
  • You can fly between March 27-June 15, 2017 and October 1-December 15, 2017
  • You can book any cabin of service

How Iberia awards work:

  • Pricing is distance-based according to distance bands, with ‘sweet spots’ on the edges of distance bands that other program may price higher
  • Pricing is segment-based, meaning each segment is priced individually and added together
  • Pricing is Peak and Off-Peak, and conveniently these dates fall in off-peak for key regions
  • Iberia does not add crazy fuel surcharges to its own flight WHEN booked with Iberia (if you book the same with BA, you will get hit with often massive surcharges)
  • You can view the redemption table on the offer page

Iberia flies from several US cities nonstop to Madrid or Barcelona. They have onward flights throughout Europe and Africa. If you’ve been looking to get to Equatorial Guinea, here’s your chance (the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa).

I have flown Iberia transatlantic business class as well as economy flights. Business class is excellent.

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