Hotel Brochures that Keep Creeping Back in the Way – My Battle with a Cartoon Octopus

I have spent the past week in a tug of war with a cartoon octopus over my hotel bed.

I am on business in Shanghai again with another stay at Starwood’s The Hongta Hotel. I am not fussy about hotels, when I am on leisure travel many of my rooms do not even have phones, let alone the finer things. Spending time at chain hotels on business brings out little conveniences and annoyances.

My #1 trivial annoyance is the brochures that cover desks and beds. Dining, spa, sneaky charity donations, it takes a minute or two to get them out of the way. At check-in they are fine. I do not mind the ones to give an option to not change bedding or towels. This time at Hongta I am developing a soft spot for the cartoon octpus advertising a free calamari appetizer at Danieli’s restaurant. Yet I find it really annoying when they keep creeping back, both after morning cleaning and again for evening turndown, so I have been forgoing the chocolate and putting up Do Not Disturb in the evening to avoid turndown.

Hongta Hotel Shanghai Flyers 2

Octopus takes my bed

Hongta Hotel Shanghai Flyers 1

Creeping back twice a day

Readers, what is the most brochures you have encountered in a room and how aggressively have they been placed? There must be some quirky/unfortunate stories.

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Rapid Travel Chai

@Cook – generally I use the cards to re-use the linens and towels, even over the course of a long stay, but housekeeping at hotels often seems to ignore them, more with towels.


It’s shanghai! So long as they are not abusing your senses too much with stinky tofu, it’s a winner!

Just to make the point, I usually put all of the brochures and desk junk, table junk etc. into a (clean) trash can or sweep them into a drawer. I don’t like them. My thing, I guess and the housekeepers will get over it. If it a longer stay, by the third day they usually get the message and stop ‘decorating’ for me. As for linens, I do not mind sleeping on my own sheets for a couple of days. (Do you change bed linens at home EVERY day?) – but I like fresh towels. Just my quirks I guess.

Not that big of a deal in my opinion, although an annoyance nonetheless. My biggest annoyance with brochures/adverts in the room is when I am trying to find the hotel services portfolio and a specific piece of info (like where the gym is located, hours, etc.). You end up thumbing through a bunch of useless info or ads just to get to the section with the info you want.


hah, I always fight with the maid over where the soap belongs. I hate putting soap in the soap holder thingy because it fills up with water and instead I put the soap on the sink/vanity directly. never ending fight as it is always back in the soap thingy when I come back.


I’ve never been so traumatized by brochures, I just put them on the side table to on the floor.