Hilton Answers Worldwide Clamor for Yet Another Brand, Tru; Shall We Meet at The Hive?

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Hilton has added it’s 13 brand: Tru. It is Hampton Inn meets IKEA meets Google targeting millennials that already have moved on to AirBNB, with all the features they supposedly love, reports USA Today:

Millennials, those in their twenties and early thirties, tend to like modern design, public spaces where they can work and socialize, and advanced technology such as mobile check-in.


Local snacks and drinks, including single-serving beer and wine, will be available  from a grab and go area. A build-your-own breakfast station will be complimentary. Coffee and tea will be free throughout the day.

The play area will have a large TV and activities such as ping pong and foosball tables.

Hilton Tru

and here it gets ugly (bold added)

Rooms will come with either a king bed or double queen beds, in sizes of 231 or 275 square feet.

“Smaller rooms are very common in Europe,” Cordell says. “There are some people who think customers aren’t ready for that in Atlanta or Dallas. We think they are.”

The rooms have platform beds and 65-inch TVs and various storage areas such as a luggage bench. Closets will not be enclosed. Instead of a desk there will be a multifunctional chair.

Bloomberg continues the cringe-fest:

With hipster decor featuring broad swaths of turquoise and orange along with bold graphics, Hilton hopes to appeal to millennials on a budget who prize amenities including digital room keys and lobby space to work or hang out in…

Tru’s larger-than-average 2,776-square-foot (258-square-meter) lobby, called the Hive, will be divided into zones dubbed eat, work, play and lounge, and include a circular “command center” where guests can check in and buy light meals, snacks and single-serving beer and wine. A frosted-glass-and-wood-slat wall will separate a fitness center with treadmills and weights.

That hive will smell great withhttp://rapidtravelchai.boardingarea.com/wp-admin/post-new.php the slat separating the fitness center from lobby. Will they provide guys walking around with gallon jugs of water?

102 properties are signed with 30 more currently in the works. The first will open late 2016.

I do not stay in hotels that do not have in-room desks.

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[…] Hilton Answers Worldwide Clamor for Yet Another Brand, Tru; Shall We Meet at The Hive? […]

6 years ago

I am surprised (though I shouldnt be) that they spend so much energy on this. Whatever happened to providing clean and quiet rooms (yes, with a desk). Why does it need to be so so complicated? Are there really people who think any of the crap they mentioned is that important?

6 years ago

Why the perception that “millennials hate desks”? Echoes of what Marriott is apparently doing.

Legit research? Or sketchy misinterpretation?

6 years ago

This sounds potentially interesting, although I think I’m not their target market (in my 50s). So far, I find all the brands do not meet my needs, which are simple: clean, cheap and designed in this century. I absolutely hate all the old-fashioned furniture that sits in American chain hotels.