Global Entry Benefits in Australia, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand and South Korea

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Global Entry is useful beyond US borders, though sometimes you have to pay to play.


  • Global Entry members aged 16 or older with a valid ePassport (all US passports issued since 2007) can use SmartGate.
  • No registration or fees.
  • Must still have a valid visa for Australia.


  • Announced last week that certain US Global Entry members will be able to apply for membership in Germany’s ABG Plus program.


  • Global Entry members can apply for FLUX – Privium membership.
  • Fee is €135 for basic membership.
  • Additional €70 plus membership adds:  parking nearby/valet parking, check-in at the business class desk, club lounge, meet & fly, update partner card, discounts & special offers, airport assistant service
  • Interview in Newtherlands required.
  • Membership is annual.

New Zealand:

  • Dedicated Global Entry arrival lines at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports.
  • Must have Global Entry card ($15 for pre-July 21, 2011 members who joined before cards were issued).
  • No registration or fees.

South Korea:

  • Global Entry members age 17 or older can apply for Smart Entry Service.
  • $100 fee.
  • Interview in South Korea required.
  • Membership valid for 5 years.

Wait, what about Canada and Mexico?

This is where it gets a bit confusing. Global Entry cards are only useful for sea and land border returns to the US. By land they can be used at NEXUS and SENTRI lanes. Global Entry membership grants no benefits when entering either country. Note that while you vehicle does not need to be pre-registered to use NEXUS lanes, it must be registered for a Global Entry member to use the SENTRI lane when returning from Mexico. Vehicle registration is free during initial Global Entry application but $42 anytime after.

Membership in NEXUS or SENTRI, however, confers Global Entry benefits. NEXUS at $50 is cheaper than Global Entry (and free for children under 18) so a popular option for those near to enrollment centers. SENTRI is $122.25 per person.

What countries are next? Since Qatar and United Kingdom are now participating in Global Entry, perhaps US Global Entry members can look forward to upcoming benefits.

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