Giveaway: layover tour from MSP Tours for a reader transiting Minneapolis – enter by Dec 24

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Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (MSP), earlier featured in the LayoverLuge series for its easy light rail access to the Mall of America and downtown Minneapolis now has an innovative self-guided, hop-on, hop-off tour program using the light rail.

The Rapid Traveler is a big fan of tours at international airports like Seoul and Singapore, but they have limited departure times and require fixed time blocks. MSP Tours, launched in October, uses a self-guided audio tour approach to provide on-demand tours. They have recommended 3-hour, 5-hour and full day routes and provide light rail tickets and route maps along with the audio guide for a flat fee $27.50. They are located in the main concourse near F and G, just before the escalators down to baggage claim. Rental lockers (separate charge) are located nearby.

Chieko from MSP Tours contacted The Rapid Traveler to introduce her company and to offer a free tour. Following the estimable practice of many Boarding Area bloggers, he declined the free offer, instead proposing to give away a tour to a reader transiting MSP this holiday season.

The Rapid Traveler cannot pretend to be objective about his beloved hometown. Nonetheless, this is a great idea that should spread to other airports with functioning public transport. Many will be stuck in airports over the next few days and the more options, the better.

Yes, Minneapolis is cold. But, the light rail is heated. No wise cracks permitted!

So, if you or a deserving family member/friend are transiting MSP this holiday season, please leave a comment by end of day December 24.  On the morning of December 25 The Rapid Traveler will randomly choose a winner and update the post.

If possible, Chieko hopes to receive feedback from the winner or anyone who tries the tour as Boarding Area travelers are among the sharpest out there. Contact info here.

MSP Airport offers a coupon book, available online and at Travelers Assistance Booths & Directory Kiosks. Among the many discouts, MSP Tours has a 20% off coupon on page 9 (Terminal F).

The Rapid Traveler is en route to MSP this morning and will check it out.

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