Give your shafts the stick

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From an avid golfer friend of The Rapid Traveler comes this great tip, well timed for the concluding major of the year, the PGA Championship, in stunning sauna Atlanta Athletic Club.

Golf clubs are no treat to travel with, and a hard case is not much different from wheeling a coffin around. Soft covers are more convenient to manage and store when not in use, but leave clubs vulnerable (see Golfsmith for samples of both). Many serious golfers have a separate ‘travel set’ that they use so their main set is not at risk.
But here’s a simple method to protect clubs from the most damaging, “I am a bag handler and I hate lifting these rich peoples’ golf clubs so will accidentally drop them on their head” situation. Put a broom handle or stick in the bag that is a couple inches longer than the longest club. When the bag is dropped, the stick takes the blow. Here, The Rapid Traveler demonstrates with a sturdy walking stick that does double duty chasing off hounds on the moors.



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