FTU San Diego Red-Eye Plane Spotting Dinner

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San Diego weather, craft beers and plane spotting, how better to close Frequent Traveler University Advanced San Diego?

Thanks to local Mike we made a last minute switch to Ballast Point under the approach of incoming aircraft. I arrived to see the British Airways flight that two days earlier brought me to San Diego.

Great conversation and food and drinks to match. A great conclusion to the weekend.

I then proceeded to fly back to NY in a circuitous route on my first ever US Airways flights. Today I learned AA does not have 500-mile minimums with them. D’oh!

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Mike W
Mike W
7 years ago

Thanks for the shout out Stefan! Good times last weekend. Did you get my email? I also posed on the original blog post regarding the red eye dinner. Trying to figure out if it’s possible to do 2 browser trick for 2 barclays cards simultaneously (US Airways cards — never had any barclays cards before). I found one data point of someone getting 2 cards on the same day, but one arrival and one US Air. Not two of the same card. Also, do you know off hand if Amex will pay out CB using the Old Cash Back card… Read more »


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