FTU San Diego: Red-Eye Dinner and Clickbait New Seminar

The FTU Advanced San Diego schedule is up. The event is sold out, however monitor the official thread on MilePoint as tickets inevitably become available as people have change of plans.

The organizers have a great line-up of talks and discussion sessions.

The West Coast venue challenges us heading back east to family and work, so the all-star Gary and Ben Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going unofficial wrap will happen Sun at 9 am. Ben hasn’t shared a stage with me since Chicago when it ended up costing us both $400 in charity over a China Southern flight attendant’s scarf.

So the official wrap is b-stars UPGRD Matthew and myself at 16:00.

We’ve got talks on Hacking United Airlines, Shortcuts to Elite Status, Award Booking, Hidden City Ticketing and Fuel Dumping, Leveraging Miles for Exotic Travel, and more.

My Sat session is Advanced Credit Card Strategies at 13:30 opposite Gary’s Ask Me Anything, so please a few of you flatter me and catch Gary another time. Associated Leff posts more than its namesake so he is not underexposed. 😉

My Sun session is pure clickbait: 101 Tips, Tricks & Hacks to be an Expert Traveler. I hope it will be a fun close to the weekend.

But wait, there’s more. I am in the same boat at many, either skip out at Sunday noon or take a late red-eye. I went for the red-eye so will be informally hosting a Red-Eye Dinner after event close. No need to fly out early!

Venue and time TBD.

Given this audience, let me clarify that by ‘hosting’ I do not in any way imply that I will be picking up the tab. Not anything like a party on The Points Guy’s jet. This is pay your own way, and not included in the event registration.

Pro tip: bring small denomination cash and let your new best friend use the credit card, it will be love at first sight.

See you in San Diego!

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Sounds like fun! Looking forward to the red-eye dinner – I’ll even spot yours, Stefan, as a minor payback for the great things I’ve learned from you (as long as I get the points, too, of course )…


I’m on a red eye out of SAN so would love to join up!


I would love to meet up for the red eye dinner…I don’t fly out until Monday night on the red eye as it was $536 cheaper to book it that way.


Stefan – I’m not flying out until Monday and would love to take part in the dinner. Thanks for putting this together.

Mike W
Stefan, great talks this weekend. Quick question that you probably know offhand — I haven’t yet signed up for the US Air Barclays card. Trying to maximize the bonus as much as possible, and I know Barclays is really hard to churn — especially with the short timeframe left on the card. Do you know if the 2-browser trick will work to get 2 cards with them? Are you aware of any data points where someone has gotten 2 cards approved automatically with them on one credit pull? Before I apply, figured I’d throw it out there to see if… Read more »