My New FTU DC Presentation Topics: Africa, Caribbean and Partners

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Each Frequent Traveler University I test new topics from my recent travels. This August 5-7 at the sold out* FTU Advanced in Washington, DC, I will present on the following 3 new topics and an old standby:

FTU Advanced Washington DC 2016

So You Want to Travel to Africa: nearing completion of my survey of every country in Africa, I will share both the inspirational and practical for traveling to this huge, daunting continent for the first time or the tenth.

Traveling to Every Caribbean Island Without a Cruise Ship: riding a cruise ship is great for being on a cruise ship, not for experiencing the Caribbean where islands are transformed into swap meets on days ships are in port. You might nowadays not only set foot on private islands fenced off from any local contact. Island hopping without a cruise ship rewards the extra effort with islands and people far from the cruise dock.

Advanced Airline Partners for Dream Trips: want to visit that country with only one airline and tickets cost a fortune? Spouse demand last minute business class to Australia? This session is for people who must get somewhere incredible, delving into airline partners, and partners of partners.

Advanced Credit Cards: can’t be an FTU without credit cards.

Readers, what are your suggestions or wishes for these topics?

See slides from prior talks at the Rapid Travel Chai SlideShare page, including 101 Tips, Tricks and Hacks to be an Expert Traveler:

[slideshare id=45686035&doc=rapidtravelchai101tipstricksandhackstobeanexperttraveler-ftusandiego2015-150310212421-conversion-gate01]

* Note: for those interested to attend, let the organizers know through the official contacts. As the date approaches, tickets usually become available for transfer.

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6 years ago

My family and I are planning on doing an African Safari next year. I’d love to see a topic on that. With regard to variances between countries (i.e. safari in Nigeria vs Johannesburg), possible scams to watch out for, and overall your experiences with safaris, good and bad.