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the GAME…Learn It!…Change It!…WIN IT! ebook is available free for the next 72 hours, get it here on Amazon.

As travelers we are interacting with people every day, from service providers that can give us an upgrade, to clients that can sign a deal. Be ready to wow the crowd at the next Chicago Seminars or FTU.

Learn tips on how to handle your persona online and offline from networking events to social media.

At my prior job my employer sponsored a business etiquette workshop by the author, Parker Geiger, where I learned handy tips such as wearing a name tag on the right so as to be visible when shaking hands and how to eat hor d’oeuvres (one at a time, pick up with the napkin, and avoid anything with sauce). His company is Chuva Group and their website has lots of resources on personal branding that I used to good effect when I last moved jobs.

Masago filled cucumbers

Photo by manda_wong, flickr

I have taken a quick flip through the book and it is a practical approach with cases and cringe-worthy pictures that will embed in your mind the behaviors to avoid.

Disclaimer: Parker is a friend and I think the book will be useful for readers. I have not received any compensation for this post. If you use my link I will receive an Amazon commission of $0.00 on a $0.00 sale. ūüėČ

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8 years ago

Sure a commission of $0.00 on a $0.00 sale doesn’t sound like much, but if 10,000 people download the book….welll…. you do the math.

8 years ago

Thanks for the tip RapidTravelChai! I just ‘bought’ it and sent it to my phone.