Embarrassing Hotel Walk-In Closest

Foggy from a trip over to Shanghai I was arranging stuff in my room at the Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong, hung my suit and shirt for the next day in the closest, then headed to the bathroom to hang up my toiletry kit. I noticed an extra door in the bathroom, thought it might conceal the electric box or perhaps just decoration, yet to my surprise it opened to reveal suit.

My first thought, as someone traveling alone, was, “Hmmm…this could be convenient.”

Intercontinental Shangai Pudong Bathroom Walk-in Closet 1

My second thought turned to those traveling with companions, “Oh my…this could be embarrassing.”

Intercontinental Shanghai Pudong Bathroom Walk-in Closet 2

Asia already has a disturbing surfeit of glass walled bathrooms, I hope this does not become a trend.

Readers, is this novel or nuisance?

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I say ‘novel’. You can shower and then grab your clothes from the closet, rather than finding a place to hang them in the bathroom. Or if you just forgot to bring everything you needed into the bathroom with you. But mostly it’s not much of a plus or minus.


It’s 2 doors. Why would you leave both open? How is that different from leaving your toilet door open?

Is the hotel room so big that you couldn’t work out where the door would open to?

Park Hyatt Singapore has the same thing.

I think it’s a great idea


Hyatt Regency in Hong Kong has the same set up. I’ll take this over the glass walled bathrooms for when not staying alone.


Yeah, had a similar experience at a one night stay with family (concert) at Caesar’s Palace. It was a bit more private than your example but its walls are just lightly shaded glass pieces. It was very annoying and I remembered thinking that regular hotels (Bally’s next door, while less elegant) is so much better (at least more functional!) Heh. Really glad we checked out the next day.


LOL. Park Hyatt Chicago was similar. I can see where such a closet may be problematic.


Similar setup at the Park Hyatt Chicago, but thankfully the toilet there is behind a frosted glass door so if you look through the closet you mostly just see the sinks!