Easter Island is awesome but no steaming tropical retreat and really expensive

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Perhaps unlucky with the weather, the various materials The Rapid Traveler consulted said nothing about how cold, windy and frequently rainy Easter Island is. Good thing the Bolivia stop on his itinerary had him well prepared, but he is still sneezing all the way back to Santiago.

Not much action on this frigid beach

When the sun was out, which added up roughly half of each day, it was warm enough to be in a t-shirt and shorts, but the rest of the time at a minimum a windbreaker and slacks are needed. And with the frequent, sudden shifts in weather it is best to go out in full kit. There is a popular beach on the north side of the island but few dared take the plunge, the rest sensibly barbequing in the shelters.

Not a place to loll around. Get in, see the statues, hike or ride a horse, do a quick scuba dive perhaps and clear out. The Rapid Traveler had a full day plus the two half-days on either side of his flights and it was just right.

The other strike against a long stay is the high cost with poor value. Accommodation with roof is $40/night and up and most everything is pretty basic, even options $100-$300. Cars are $50/day and up to rent. Most everything is flown in so meals and groceries and expensive and bland, except for the local fish, which is expensive but not bland. The Rapid Traveler had a $15 pizza with a crust that was a cross between a seaman’s biscuit and saltines. Pretty much any simple meal is $15 for a plate or entree and few are pleasantly memorable. His culinary saving grace was Maria Torres’ 3500 CHP lunch meals at her Ranchito Giovanni, down an alley from La Tinita on Av Te Pito o Te Huana s/n.

And the ticket to the park is now $60, good for five days.

So, those are the negatives, but what about the positives?

The Rapid Traveler left thrilled and made one last coastal dash before his flight out. The setting and statues are incredible. No regrets about going. Awesome. Details tomorrow.

The Rapid Traveler almost being blown into Orongo
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