Dubai Metro is sleek and useful

The Dubai Metro is a thing of beauty. The ride is fast and smooth. Stations are elegant. And most important, the stations take in the airport and the key business, tourist and shopping areas (map).

DXB 004

The primary Red Line includes the big stuff for visitors, from the airport through much of the business locations and on out to the Mall of the Emirates (the one with the ski slope).

The horseshoe Green Line fills in some gaps.

There are Gold VIP cars that cost a bit more, and are a good option with luggage during rush hours.

DXB 005

The only downside for airport passengers is the Metro shuts down during the middle of the night, when many flights arrive. Check hours in advance as they occasionally change.

And the one thing it cannot do, is avoid the rotisserie effect of walking in Dubai’s heat between the station and your destination.

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I thought it might also be useful to note that the Dubai Metro is closed on Fridays until 1pm.

Rapid Travel Chai

@tr3b0r – thanks for pointing that out, I flew out Thu night and did not pay enough attention to the weekend hours. A colleague who has been there a year told me he still cannot get used to thinking of Sunday as a work day and Friday as the start of the weekend.