DXB’s Winston Smoking Lounge – all you need is an addiction

Passengers desperate for lounge access at Dubai International Airport (DXB) Terminal 1 have an alternative, they just need to enjoy billows of smoke.

This is the classiest smoking lounge The Rapid Traveler has seen. He thinks of the small closets at Tokyo Narita (NRT), stacked horizontally and vertically with smokers, as the typical shaming of smokers.

The Rapid Traveler is not a smoker, but is a Diner’s Club cardmember, so more lounges to come on a layover tour.

DXB 017

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Jimmy @TravelByPoints

Haha, does “classiest” come with some level of sarcasm there? Given how many smokers there are in China, I wonder if this will be adopted at airports throughout China. Safe travels!

The Weekly Flyer

Smoking club sponsored by a cigarette maker, doesn’t get classier than that!


Love it! And it is lounge access…


Do they have a shower so you can wash off the smoke?

Rapid Travel Chai

@Gene – note that there were no pictures of the interiors, I didn’t chance it!