Driving in Israel: Use Waze, Do This, Not That

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Tragic events in Israel have underscored what I fortunately was alerted to on my recent driving tour of Israel.

  1. Use Waze for GPS navigation. It was founded in Israel and better than Google Maps.
  2. Go to settings and select to avoid Territories A and B.

Waze Israel

Most areas are well signposted but people have followed GPS into many tight spots. Having an Israeli yellow-plated car can lead to trouble. They are distinct from the green-plated Palestinian cars. Many areas are more porous than you might assume and there are many yellow-plated cars about, presumably driven by people who know the lay of the land.

The soldiers who were killed (corrected: see comment below) were using Waze however had disabled the feature to avoid such areas.

Those who do wish to drive in Territories A and B should rent a green-plated car locally.

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7 years ago

I rented a car in Israel proper, but took a bus tour in the Palestinian territories. Unless you really do know the lay of the land or in the company of someone who does, I think it’s quite questionable at this point to try DIY driving in the latter zone with any kind of tag or GPS. Things are signposted, but you need to be really alert. One wrong turn and there can be serious problems. Obviously people vary in how risk averse they are.

7 years ago

Pretty sure there were no soldiers killed