Does This Chart Convince You to Put Canada in Your 2016 Travel Plans?

Take a look at this:



It’s a whole lot more fun to visit a country when your dollar stretches farther. We spent the holidays in Western Canada where the Canadian Dollar hit 11-year lows to the US Dollar.

With a combination of certificates from the Fairmont credit card and the elite status it gives, and Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts promotions, we got incredible deals at places several years ago way beyond our budget.

This year we plan more Toronto weekends and eyeing Newfoundland with the St. Pierre and Miquelon Bicentenary (where the euro is not faring too well, either).

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Lisa K

Loved our trip to Banff and the surrounding area!(and the Fairmont there)


Do come up here. Your next Republican presidential candidate might actually be a Canadian! 😉 Of course, the strong US$ is making us look for other destinations, so not exactly a two-way street! Just remember, it’s your government that requires you to have a valid passport to get back into the US, we only require valid government ID to cross the border from the US.


You’re absolutely correct. The FX rate has been incredible for us Americans. I’ve got Canadian relatives and have been gladly working to help with money exchange in preparation for pocket change when going up there next. Heck at these rates, it really could be construed as rather investable for a 2-3 years. Fed Reserve’s tightening of rates will only help strengthen the dollar’s appreciation over numerous currencies which we’re due for several more rounds of bumps this year alone.


Speaking as a resident of the Canadian Rockies, there are some great values to be had for US visitors here right now. The exchange rate is at historic lows, many high value hotels (e.g. Fairmont) can be had for steep discounts, and the early season snowfall at ski resorts in the Rockies is looking excellent (thank you El Nino).


Canada has always been in my travel plans.

As a fan of humor, who doesn’t like Canada? Always fun to see what’s a bit endearingly ;off.’

Oh, and the food is damn good, and people fantastic.

It is sorely underrated and now wonderfully priced.


It’s surprising that more Americans aren’t talking about this. For the past five years or so Canada had a higher cost of living than the US, but at 71 cents on the dollar everything here is super cheap for Americans. Unfortunately, it means I must avoid the US in all my future travel plans since everything is too expensive for someone with a Canadian bank account. Americans should definitely try to get out also, the savings will more than cover the cost of a flight!


Growing up across the border, we used to do all our back-to-school shopping and sometimes even just grab Chinese take-out for dinner. Those were the days of spending “funny money” and of course, fewer restrictions driving across the border in Niagara Falls/Buffalo. Guess it’s time to return, especially since most of the Atlantic provinces are brand new to me.