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Earlier today I posted that Discover is replacing its entire consumer card lineup effective January 2 with one card, the Discover it Card.

The Discover homepage already has removed the cards but reader nabeelj found a working link to their Card Builder, for which you can see an offer for the Discover® More Card with $200 cashback bonus for $1500 spend in 3 months.

The Card Builder also has functions to see Pre-Approved offers and See All Available Offers, which leads to a maddening confusion of nearly identical offers. The $200 Card Builder offer seems by far the best, next closest looks like a double miles on $3,000 spend for the Miles by Discover® Card.

I will not receive a commission if you use the Card Builder, but that offer is better than my affiliate links, so I have updated the original post.

I called a contact familiar with Discover who said that each account you have with them, not authorized users, but actual separate numbered accounts, is eligible to earn quarterly bonuses on cards with that feature, so this $200 offer or the others might be appealing for those who want to take advantage of that multiple times. If so, apply before Jan 2.

For those looking at just one Discover card, I do not see any sign-up bonus for the new Discover it Card and no knowledge of if or when they will have one.

A $200 bonus is probably not worth disrupting a regular churn schedule, though those planning on an imminent Discover application can consider it.

As noted in the first post, the value for Discover is in using the online shopping portal for various cashback opportunities ranging from the simple to the Frequent Miler-esque elaborate.

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