Salvador, Brazil – the airport bus to start your visit in fury

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The sign for the airport bus in Salvador, Brazil is so welcoming. The red dots appear to indicate stops as it breezes along the coast to the Barra beaches and Pelourinho old town.

Brazil 093

The Brazilian water torture bus

An hour into the A/C-less ride of stopping several times on every block through dusty, boiling, jammed shopping neighborhoods, we were still not even to the coast, not even to the first red dot coming from the upper right on the map.

It took nearly 2 hours to reach the Barra late morning on a Friday, what I now find is a 30-km trip. It is perhaps another 30-45 minutes to reach the old city terminal. It took a lot of crab to placate my wife after that one.

Our taxi return from the Barra cost 85 BRB (42 USD).

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9 years ago

There is a slow local bus and also a faster air conditioned “executivo” bus that does not stop nearly as much. Next time take that one!

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  J2daP

@J2daP – where is the “executivo”? We never saw it and could only find this bus stop?

9 years ago

Take the taxi, time is money. Then again the adventure and memory is priceless.