Delta’s ‘The Pad’ at JFK

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Flying Delta at New York’s JFK Airport while Terminal 4 is rebuilt involves a lot more than the standard gates and jet bridges.

Some flights are sent to ‘The Pad’ far from terminal buildings and a bus with a passenger compartment that can raise or lower sidles up to the plane and ferries passengers to a gate. The process is time consuming, but cool the first time.

Sorry I do not have good pictures the first is the view looking outside while driving by another plane:

JFK Delta The Pad 001

View inside:

JFK Delta The Pad 002

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11 years ago

Have you not ever been to Dulles? I believe these are the same as IAD’s dreaded Mobile Lounges.

11 years ago

These sounds like the mobile lounges (fondly referred to as “moon rovers”) used at IAD and later used to ferry passengers between terminals.

11 years ago

…that looks much like a mobile lounge from IAD

Rapid Travel Chai
11 years ago
Reply to  Matt

@Matt, @Rob, @Gene – I have heard of the mobile lounges at IAD but to be honest have never been to IAD, when I go to DC it is by land and as a primarily Delta flyer, have not had any reason to connect there.