Delta’s ‘The Pad’ at JFK

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Flying Delta at New York’s JFK Airport while Terminal 4 is rebuilt involves a lot more than the standard gates and jet bridges.

Some flights are sent to ‘The Pad’ far from terminal buildings and a bus with a passenger compartment that can raise or lower sidles up to the plane and ferries passengers to a gate. The process is time consuming, but cool the first time.

Sorry I do not have good pictures the first is the view looking outside while driving by another plane:

JFK Delta The Pad 001

View inside:

JFK Delta The Pad 002

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9 years ago

Have you not ever been to Dulles? I believe these are the same as IAD’s dreaded Mobile Lounges.

9 years ago

These sounds like the mobile lounges (fondly referred to as “moon rovers”) used at IAD and later used to ferry passengers between terminals.

9 years ago

…that looks much like a mobile lounge from IAD

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  Matt

@Matt, @Rob, @Gene – I have heard of the mobile lounges at IAD but to be honest have never been to IAD, when I go to DC it is by land and as a primarily Delta flyer, have not had any reason to connect there.