Chai Digest February 16-22: wrong baby basket and the vanishing minibar

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Careless parents got wrong baby basket at Pudong airport. (Eastday)

Chinese New Year catalyst for grass-rots environmentalism in Travellers unveil shocking truth about illegal waste water dumping. (SCMP)

Funny Elegy for the minibar. I have never used a minibar. (The Atlantic)

KLM to charge for checked baggage, I hope they don’t get too many ideas from Delta, as I write this enjoying their capacious, packed Crown Lounge at AMS (Business Traveller).

Bahrain Air ceases operations, I flew Gulf Air when I went there, and cannot recommend Bahrain less as a travel destination.

AirAsia and Tata to set up Indian airline. It would be nice to have an Indian carrier where it is not necessary to roll the dice if they will be operational when it comes time to fly. (FT)

Inside the Islamic Emirate of Timbuktu. (Foreign Policy)

Azerbaijan Is Rich. Now It Wants to Be Famous. The country is a good and varied tourist destination, too bad visa policies have gotte worse, with no make visa on arrival at Baku Airport and more and more hassle layered on to applications. (NYT)

Long Lines Lead to Rise of Wheelchair ‘Miracles’. (WSJ)

There might actually be hope on the horizon for New York Commuters that need South Ferry back, South Ferry Options Explored. (WSJ)

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Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@Andrew – thanks, got it fixed.

9 years ago

I can’t say I’ll miss the minibar. I have used them on rare occasions, and usually that Snickers bar just doesn’t go down quite as smooth when you just paid $4 for it.

BTW, I think the link to the minibar article is broken, it redirects to I just deleted the boardingarea address and moved on.

Thanks for the continuing great content!