Delta Schedule Change emails Now Show Original Time

Delta’s schedule change emails have been one of my Delta pet peeves. The frequent  “Your Delta itinerary has changed‏” emails would show up with a flight time in bold with no reference to the original time. Viewing the reservation on the website did not help either, so to compare to the original it was necessary to refer to earlier confirmation emails or printouts.

Delta old schedule change email

Yesterday, for the first time I received an email in a new format titled “Schedule Changes That Impact Your Upcoming Trip‏” that shows the old and new times. Yay!

Delta new schedule change email

The website still only shows the new time.

Delta website schedule change

Progress, however small, is progress.

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For me, the referenced changes never showed up in bold when I viewed the emails (I use GMail).

Rapid Travel Chai

@George – yes, I also get them to gmail and were never bolded, not sure why others show bold and gmail not. Regardless, bolding it accomplished nothing since there was nothing to compare.