Columbus lands…to a Hard Rock Cafe

Remember when Hard Rock Cafe and its t-shirts held the place for annoying pop culture ubiquity now smothered by Starbucks?

The highlight of my morning in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is the view from behind Columbus as he strides to shore of the Americas to find a Hard Rock Cafe greeting him.

Dominican Republic 052

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Joe C.

And yet, Columbus, Ohio does not have a Hard Rock Café. This should be corrected.


Interestingly, Madrid’s Hard Rock Café is located on “Columbus Square.”


Ha RTC I remember a time when going to Hard Rock Cafe London (the original place) was actually very cool. This is circa 1987, some 14-15 years from inception. But good “American” food, good music and “cool” memorabilia was quite a mix. Amazing to see how far it has gone since then…

Hope all is well!