Chicago Seminars Presentation: International Travel Bootcamp

Here are the slides from my Chicago Seminars International Travel Bootcamp presentation. We had a great audience and fun night kicking off the weekend:

Also see my Hotwire and Priceline presentation, and bonus reprise of Rental Car Savings.

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Does Russia allow 72 hours visa free transit like China do in some cities?


Hopefully one day four brick- Brazil, Russia, India and China can grand US travelers visa free. That will save a lot of time and money to apply visa.


[…] Travel Chai presented two very informative sessions – one aimed at beginners to the hobby, International Travel Bootcamp – and the other on Hotwire and Priceline.There were many more presenters and every session […]

John Paul
Hey Stefan, I echo Warren’s sentiments–great presentation at the Chicago Seminars. Quick question re: the Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account you referenced in your presentation. Do you only use that account for foreign travel, or is that your main checking account? I ask only because I current bank with BoA, but was intrigued by the no fx/ATM reimbursement you referenced, and am wondering if it makes sense to switch banks altogether, or just open up a separate checking account with Schwab just for the purposes of withdrawing money when abroad. Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

To be accurate, US passport holders enjoy visa free or visa on arrival of 174 countries, not 166 as per Wiki and Henry Global.


Wonderful job at the ORD seminar! I look forward to your presentations ever year.


interesting presentation.
slides 67 & 68. hotels.
can you please offer any advice about choice hotels & preferred hotel group?
any “sweet spots”?