Chai Digest: Best-Selling Booze in the World and Airline with the Most Countries

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State Fair Vendors Innovate to Survive (WSJ). As long as it is deep fried and involves a stick.

A video tour of the ‘Tower of David,’ Venezuela’s infamous skyscraper-turned-slum (Washington Post).

Thrifty Tourists finds that British Airways’ payment processor blocks award tickets to certain destinations deemed high fraud, including Pakistan. I have been weighing a Pakistan trip for some time.

What airline flies to the most countries? It just added Nepal and is the only airline with 100+ countries served. See the top 10 (Gunnar Garfors).

Do You Shave Your Underarms Too? (Wandering Earl). Interesting argument for guys sick of sweating out their shirts.

I enjoy Trader Joe’s, so too, apparently do many Canadians. One entrepreneur who set up a store dedicated to bring Trader Joe’s products to Canada with a store called Pirates Joe’s is in an increasing battle with the retailer and now calls himself Irate Joe’s (Personal Finance Digest).

This Amazing Map Shows Every Person in America (Slate).

The Best-Selling Booze in the World… tastes like cleaning solvent. Thanks, Korea (Slate). It does go down smooth.

Lingering in South Korea, Mom Wants You Married? So Does the State (NYT).

China’s last armed village (Reuters).

While the Rest of North Korea Struggles, Pyongyang’s Fortunate Few Go Shopping (Time).

Saudi Arabia’s War on Witchcraft (The Atlantic).

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9 years ago

I was surprised with the airline that flies to the most number of countries (106!) Wow! Out of all the alliances, I now can see how *A has Africa down. I normally use miles to fly intra-Africa flights (EgyptAir, Ethiopian, and South African airlines cover it pretty well but I’d like to try this airline now too.)

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago
Reply to  Joey

@Joey – I flew them for the first time in Feb on a short flight from Istanbul to Skopje, spending most of the time longingly studying their route map.