Smoother Skin for a Smooth Flight 2 – Rice Travel Toner

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Mrs. RTC reprises Smoother Skin for a Smooth Flight, revealing her Rice Travel Toner.

Mr. RTC and I will visit our nieces in two weeks. They are my loyal fans who love touching my face, braiding my hair and pulling my arms. Their mom said the girls think I am a big sized doll and an ideal sister, because I don’t seem so interested in competing for their mother’s attention.

I am going to share one of my beauty travel secrets that will make your skin glow when you are in a picture next to those little ones’ perfect skin:

chili club thai house white rice

Photo by Calgary Reviews

Rice Travel Toner:

Rice has largely contributed to the delicate skin and distinguishing personality of women in south region of China. The good news is that to fully enjoy the skin benefit from rice, you do not need to start eating or even cooking rice, because my steps are very simple:

  1. Put 3-5 tea spoons of uncooked white rice into a travel size bottle, ¼ full.
  2. After arriving at your hotel, fill the bottle with water, put it into the fridge, let sit for several hours.
  3. When ready to apply, gently shake the bottle as if you are making a ‘Rice Cocktail’!
  4. Use a cotton pad to apply this milky, rice toner.

All you need to pack for your trip is an empty travel size bottle and a handful of rice.

The vitamin, protein and amino acids in the rice will keep your skin soft, bright and translucent. It is very effective yet mild for even very sensitive skin, and it costs only a few cents. This toner lasts for weeks if refrigerated, the longer the better.

Writing this post makes me hungry somehow, something Mr. RTC will never fully understand…

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Prana Travelwhimsy
9 years ago

Love this tip! I’ll be trying it out at home even before our next travel trip. We had the pleasure of hanging out with Mr. RTC during one of his visits to Vegas and found him to be a font of useful information. But this was one tip he did not share. :p