Chai Digest August 11-17: VietJet’s in-flight bikini contest and more

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Weekly wraps often are lazy, yet can be useful. The gold standard is the Weekly Roundup from The Travel Insider.

I have gingerly waded into that territory with the My Week in Points series, which highlights key miles and points news in the context of a being a regular traveling learning, failing and succeeding.

I spend an inordinate amount of time browsing the web as a news junkie. I have lately shared more on twitter and pinterest (Facebook defies every effort for interesting tools to post on the blog page, rather than personal page, so that I am mostly writing off). However, I am most at home in a format of complete sentences.

So this experiment with a Friday collection of travel stories that raised one, or both, of my eyebrows to send you off on weekend adventures with plenty to read. These are the tips and bits that I bookmarked but never had the time to explore in full posts.

Zhangye – A Place of Power from China Expat. I stopped at this Silk Road outpost years ago in the wee hours one morning and all I knew was to visit the temple. These painted mountains are intoxicating. I want to go back.

Goodbye, Kamchatka from The Moscow Times, the final entry in the Kamchatka Observer blog, about a destination that fascinates me.

Obituary: Sir John Keegan from History Today. Military history plays a central role in much sightseeing. Learn about war and wars from the modern master.

How to Pause Cable, Phone Services from USA Today. Great tips for trips of several weeks or more.

Flying JetBlue? Always remember to check for sales, even after booking! from Wandering Aramean, the man who knows more about the airlines than the airlines. Someday I will fly JetBlue. And I will use this.

WestJet and JetBlue See the Value of the Upsell; Southwest Doesn’t from The Cranky Flier. Great graphic.

And yes, the headline teaser, Vietnam airline fined for in-flight bikini show from USA Today. Both raised brow and low brow.


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Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@guera – what, you weren’t targeted for 1,000 through Dunkin? You don’t have status with them? This year I am trying for their highest Crimson Cholesterol level!

9 years ago

I like this idea of your weekly wrapup. Such a refreshing change from “how to get 500 AA miles by buying a dozen Dunkin Donuts” types of posts that we see in the usual blog recaps.