Caves of El Pomier, Dominican Republic – Caribbean prehistoric painting jewel

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Dating back as far as 2,000 years, the charcoal and manatee fat cave paintings from the hands of Igneri, Carib, and Taíno at El Pomier are an excellent day trip from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for those more fond of culture and history than sun and surf.

Caves El Pomier, Dominican Republic

Drinking bird (before the toy)

Caves El Pomier, Dominican Republic

Bustle of prehistoric life

Caves El Pomier, Dominican Republic

Naughty boy

The Reserva Antropológica El Pomier is, in theory, only an hour drive west of Santo Domingo. That is with a competent guide or driver. On my own I did well heading out to San Cristobal, a crossroad’s town. Drivers in Dominican Republic take a fluid approach to traffic lanes, though are not fast or aggressive. That last 10k north from San Cristobal is where my issues started. I had the old Lonely Planet 4th edition which has incorrect directions, I later found the 5th, despite its terrible maps, has corrected directions. There were almost no road signs to help. I do not speak Spanish; from what I could gather no one I asked knew the location of the caves. I finally found a pair of police officers, the first did not know, fortunately his partner did know. That one-hour trip became two and a half. Interestingly, the site has a well-done visitor center, so once you are there you know you are there. If I could communicate better I would have suggested they put some road signs up.

A guide, and the guide’s flashlights, are needed and only cost a few dollars. The caves are impressive with varied paintings and geological formations. I am not sure that you are permitted to visit without a guide, but much would be lost, perhaps yourself too in the dark, and much not spotted.

Caves El Pomier, Dominican Republic


Caves El Pomier, Dominican Republic

Interesting cave features

Adjacent to the site is a village baseball field. It was a treat to view a game.


Caves El Pomier, Dominican Republic

Visitor Center

Caves El Pomier, Dominican Republic

Batter up!

San Cristobal has minimal tourist facilities and with its proximity to Santo Domingo there is little reason linger.

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