Can anyone tell me how to play Hilton HHonors Fantasy Racing?

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Hilton HHonors Racing is a new contest that sets the bar for complexity.

HHonors Fantasy Racing

Designed to appeal to racing fans, this is an elaborate fantasy league, kudos to Hilton for going all out. All I know about racing is from the excellent documentary, Senna, and with the grand prize a trip to New York, the city I dream every day of escaping forever, I am really tempted to go with the “” option since their dip is certainly wiser than this dip. Register and forget.

HHonors Fantasy Racing Choose Team

Readers, your take?

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9 years ago

Hi Foxs if anyone is interested we are looking for players for our league. I leave you the info thanks..

The details you need are:
League Name:
League password:


[…] Hilton has a new, incredibly complex F1 Fantasy racing game that I have no idea how to play, but readers do, check out their comments. […]

9 years ago

And speaking of F1, if you ever get the chance to visit Monaco during the F1 weekend then take it. Most amazing experience of opulent wealth you will ever find.

9 years ago

From reading how you score points I would say picking the best drivers is the most important decision. Constructors and engines don’t seem to be worth bothering with. For a driver you want someone quick enough in qualifying to survive to Q3 but also reliable enough to score points for finishing every lap they can. You can get F1 statistics from if you’re a complete novice (chicane is a type of corner). Best drivers for points scored last season were Vettel and Alonso and there’s little reason to suspect it won’t be the same this year. Webber and Massa… Read more »

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

@GeorgetheTravelMonkey – excellent analysis, thanks so much, I will use your advice in picking these, a good excuse for me to learn a bit about F1.

My wife had a business trip to Monaco and came back raving about it, great place to be entertaining clients and the company picking up the bill! I want to check it out myself.

9 years ago

Probably won’t appeal to the North American market, but over in Europe or Asia it’ll be an interesting one. I might start my own team whilst I’m at it!