Belize ain’t cheap, let tacogirl save you some $

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tacogirl appeared in The Rapid Traveler’s research for a flight on Tropic Air or Maya Island Air from Belize City to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye in Belize. She partners with Tropic Air for a 10% discount on all flights. Write her with basic details and she returns a reservation voucher for payment at the airport. Easy savings. Some have reported receiving similar discounts for walk-up purchases but it is nice to have a reservation in advance and to support an excellent blog.

Belize Guatemala 007

San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

tacogirl has several other discounts, mainly in San Pedro, but is not indiscriminate in choosing partners. For instance, she declined to a promote a bar circuit group because the lubed up participants race through San Pedro’s streets in their golf carts, San Pedro’s chariot. This, and other local color, tacogirl and a friend related to The Rapid Traveler over dinner of conch fritters and fish. After enjoying the flight discount he was curious to meet the chronicler of San Pedro life and wrote her. Having lived in China for eight years it was fun to hear tales of expat life in the tiny petri dish of San Pedro.

With regard to choosing between Tropic Air and Maya Air, for the popular routes they generally match schedules and rates. Online and on-the-ground research turned up generally satisfied customers of both. Also, and this helped The Rapid Traveler since his original AA flight was canceled, these airlines are low-key and flexible, well accustomed to delays from the big carriers. Miss your original flight and they put you on the next available.

Disclaimer: The Rapid Traveler will receive no compensation for this recommendation. He paid for his own conch fritters and fish.

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Susan Laird
Susan Laird
8 years ago

Hi was wondering what kind of savings you can get us on our flight from Belize city to caye caulker. Thanks

11 years ago

I still promote the group as it is a fun event, they have been good about not chariot racing through the streets of San Pedro.

I did however declined a local establishment whose intent seemed to be slagging another local business and told them if they want to send positive info about their business instead that would work better – I never heard back.

Love your disclaimer, was nice meeting you. Hope you had a fun Drive through Belize to Guatemala.