Where They Keep the Baklava at the Turkish Airlines Lounge in Istanbul

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I am a veteran of the Turkish Airlines Lounge in Istanbul, I even claim ‘my spot.’ I was surprised today when I saw a Turkish family enjoying a luscious plate of baklava. I did a double-take having not seen it on my prior circuits of the dessert table with its Demel of Austria cakes (that my American sweet tooth finds not sweet enough).

Later, a table of young women had their plate of baklava. Is this table service like AeroMexico in Mexico City, a roaming service such as the cheese cart in Istanbul, or a spot I have missed in the cavernous lounge? There are so many things to eat and do it is forgivable to miss some.

I asked a nearby lounge staff and his eyes twinkled, “Ah! The baklava.”

“Yes, where is the baklava?”

With that twinkle his bushy eyebrows gestured, “Upstairs. It is only upstairs.”

A spot I had missed. Upstairs, all the way back from the main entrance, across the stairs.


It was near midnight and I snagged the last piece!

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I must be the only person who doesn’t like that lounge. It’s always so warm and so crowded that I usually don’t find it relaxing in the least 🙁


I found that table first time I was in the lounge, it normally had a variety of types with an excellent presentation. The loung is awesome but I’m not sure I’d be able to fly through Istanbul again, the wifey won’t approve.


eat all of it. skip your flight and enjoy a baklava coma 🙂

Hope that last morsel was a good one.