Where They Keep the Baklava at the Turkish Airlines Lounge in Istanbul

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I am a veteran of the Turkish Airlines Lounge in Istanbul, I even claim ‘my spot.’ I was surprised today when I saw a Turkish family enjoying a luscious plate of baklava. I did a double-take having not seen it on my prior circuits of the dessert table with its Demel of Austria cakes (that my American sweet tooth finds not sweet enough).

Later, a table of young women had their plate of baklava. Is this table service like AeroMexico in Mexico City, a roaming service such as the cheese cart in Istanbul, or a spot I have missed in the cavernous lounge? There are so many things to eat and do it is forgivable to miss some.

I asked a nearby lounge staff and his eyes twinkled, “Ah! The baklava.”

“Yes, where is the baklava?”

With that twinkle his bushy eyebrows gestured, “Upstairs. It is only upstairs.”

A spot I had missed. Upstairs, all the way back from the main entrance, across the stairs.


It was near midnight and I snagged the last piece!

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6 years ago

I must be the only person who doesn’t like that lounge. It’s always so warm and so crowded that I usually don’t find it relaxing in the least 🙁

6 years ago

I found that table first time I was in the lounge, it normally had a variety of types with an excellent presentation. The loung is awesome but I’m not sure I’d be able to fly through Istanbul again, the wifey won’t approve.

6 years ago

eat all of it. skip your flight and enjoy a baklava coma 🙂

Hope that last morsel was a good one.